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CASE STUDY overview

Case Study Results - Here are sample ranking results we have had for some of our clients (please note, 'new' means that they did not show up previously in the top 100 search results - also note some of these results are not typical).

SEO Results

seo rank report January 2010

report seo rankings

Here is a look at a six month report on gains for important keywords for one of our clients:

Here is a news release that got picked up on
charity car news release on usatoday

Here is a look at some percentage gains in each search engine:
before and after fun 2

Bounce rate results after site re-branding:

Another client moves up great percentages in the search engines
search traffic report midway Jan. 2010

and some more great results!
cunningham then and now Jan. 7 2010

and more great quarterly results
more great 1st quarter results

Still more nice move!
earch engine compare BO

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