The Buzz for Web Design in 2010

Over at Softpedia there is some an interesting new article about trends that might effect web design this coming year.  We agree with most of them, and a couple worth noting are – Will HTML5 launch?  If it does it will be great for web designer, especially ones that like to play around with cool fonts!  HTML5 comes with a new method to upload fonts to the web-server and have the user download them if they are not installed on their computer when they access the site. Using this technique, any previous barriers in employing fonts for styling techniques will be stomped in to the ground by web designers. There is the possibility in non-standard fonts over-usage, but I’m willing to pass over it just because there are currently way too many good designers out there not to know the difference when to stop and how to properly use fonts.

If HTML5 is released this year, websites will start to look more and more like magazines. Already predicted by many industry experts as a hot trend for 2010, the magazine layout will then be complete with the font repository being let loose on the web. In case W3C fails again in releasing a usable and stable version of HTML5, typography will still have a big say in web design showcase, the Internet being filled every month with new PHP or JavaScript-powered scripts that provide different alternatives in embedding non-standard fonts in web pages.

So I will cross my fingers on this one and hope for the best!!
On the trend of more white space!  Just look at our own site, we love it!!

One trend we are unsure of but probably has ageless appeal is ‘characters’ – I think many website can benfit by having a cute little cuddly web mascot and here is one we will be implementing for a client!